Why Eloquent English?

Good English language skills are vital in this fast-moving, globalised world, where international projects, meetings and conferences are likely to be in English. Everyone wants to feel that they can express themselves fluently and effectively – both professionally and personally. An English language course tailored exactly to your needs will help you to realise your goals.

Who are the courses designed for?

There are key moments in your life when you need to feel that your English language skills are as good as they can be. It may be that you are a busy professional hoping to take your career to the next level. You may have an important interview coming up, a conference paper to present or a challenging new project ahead. It may be that you are a student, with interviews or exams to prepare for. Doctors and other medical professionals, business people, teachers, politicians, architects and lawyers are just some of the Eloquent English clients.

What are my next steps?

Please send an email, outlining your needs and we will respond by offering you a free consultation, using Skype. This will be an informal conversation that will explore your needs as well as your current language level. When we understand your own personal aims, we can put together an action plan for you.